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About Dick Roberts - Artist, creator of art products.
Dick Roberts has been an artist for a very long time.  After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography (Santa Barbara, California) in the late sixties, Dick worked with photography studios from Florida to Wisconsin, doing Portrait Photography and Illustrative Advertising Photography of retail products. 

After completing his schooling with a degree in Fine Art (specializing in Portraiture) and obtaining a whole lot of experience, Dick opened his first portrait/commercial studio in 1976, specializing in Family Portraits, High School Senior Portraits and Wedding photography.

At one time Dick had two photography studios in two different cities, along with a One Hour Lab, a Video Rental Store and a Tuxedo Shop.  All of this went together with the type of work he was doing on a daily bases.  Think about it;  High school seniors, Proms and other high school events as well as a lot of weddings. 

After eleven years of running his businesses up north, the area went into a deep recession and Dick relocated to sunny SW Florida in January 1987.  Dick then built a full time Wedding/Event business that thrived for over twenty years.  After retiring from doing photography, Dick became interested in doing Metal Art and also teaching others how to do same, by creating and selling instructional lessons on DVD.  These instructional DVD's have sold all over the world.  His style of creating metal art, with old methods combined with new technology, all took place when he learned about using a CNC Plasma cutting machine.  This brought out his creative juices as much as when he first learned how to bring up an image on a plain piece of white paper by dunking it in a clear liquid solution.  It was like magic.

Fast forward to today.  Dick decided to get into Laser Art when he learned how he could add a laser engraver/cutting machine to his arsenal of tools and then one thing led to another until his specialty became LED strip lighting built into an Edge lit sign base for using in a special way to showcase different types of businesses.  Like everything Dick has done; it involved much research and months of learning in order to complete this project.  Dick has even set up a wood shop to make special bases to hold the LED lighting as well as support the acrylic sign to let it glow like neon.  Dick created this hand made wooden base, as well as his technique of making the Acrylic signs.

To learn more about how you can have an LED Edge Lit Sign created just for you and your business, then continue on with the information in this website.

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