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LED Laser Engraved Night Lights for Children
This is for Grandparents - Parents 
and those who have a special child in their life.

  "Imagine a child.. snuggled in the safety of their bed, with the soothing light of an image (of your choice) softly lit up.. like neon. This unique.. LED night light.. can be placed next to their bed, on their night stand, slowly changing colors as your child comfortably and peacefully drifts off to sleep. Even if your child is one of those kids... who dreads to be told that it's "bed time'' that child... will have his or her.. very own LED light show that will make going to bed a lot more fun than it use to be. In fact... they will look forward to enjoying their special gift.. each and every night. "

Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are, without doubt, the exception and come with a personal touch.  As a matter of fact there are no other LED signs just like these, because they were especially made and created just for you.  These LED strip light signs are the design and creation of Dick Roberts Laser Art.
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Below you will find 20 samples of some of the most popular choices that people have used for our children's LED night lights.  We have several hundred for you to choose from, so if you don't see what you want here, then email us and we will send you many more to choose from.  Also if you have a clip art or line artwork that you would like to use, then we would be glad to make the night light with your artwork.  Please send it in a Jpeg format as an attachment with your email.

Clip art number and name
Click on the video below to hear what Lois has to say about the LED Night Light for Children.
In the words of this two year old, that was given one of these LED night lights. 

She said, "Mine, mine." 

The thrill of having her very own LED night light was so over whelming that this child just kept holding it and saying "Mine, mine."

It sounds as if she liked it!
Children's LED night light,
Only - $65.00
I have hundreds of clip art files for little boys and girls.  From Angels to Fairies, to Sports and Animals - for both - girls and boys.  If you don't see what you want with the 20 clip art files below, then contact me by email and give me an idea of what you would be interested in, I will pull up some files to show you.  I will work with you to make this a special light for your special little person.  Even that teenager!
When placing your order for the night light, I will need the number of the clip art you want engraved on the acrylic as well as the first  name of the child.